Tanjiro Earrings Design and Controversy

Some People may see different tanjiro earning design in the anime. Yes! There’re two different designs for tanjiro earrings between Japan(Original version) and China/Other Countries(Modified Version).

two different designs for tanjiro earning

Tanjiro Earrings Controversy

Because of the rising sun flag used when colonizing Korea, the Philippines, etc. in WW2, this is very controversial in the south and east Asia. The flag has been flown alongside the German Nazi flag. It represents Japanese military aggression to most people in the South East and East Asia.

For China, demon slayer Tanjiro Kamado’s earrings have been altered from their original design. As News Gamme points out, its Rising Sun style elements might cause offence in the Mainland. The design, it seems, was changed for the subtitles with simplified Chinese characters.

With such a big market, it seems the anime’s creators wanted to bypass any possible controversy.

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